Notes from Builder’s Workshop #21 – Neighbor-to-Neighbor Care Teams – 2.25.15

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26 February 2015 - 3:38pm -- steph

Participating: Stephanie, Kathy Perlow, Tim MMSD, Laura Hiebing, Petra Ressler (retired OT), Chris Petit, Jeanie Vershay, Kristin Sage, Bruce Moffat, Lorrie Hurckes, Jackie Austin, Mike, Ryan, Ray, Phil, Kim Hodge (joining online from Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks)

Kathy's story - Funder gave them 3 years to create what they needed so they designed Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) Care Teams to give members 'ownership' and coordination capacity/responsibility over services in their neighborhood.

Top 5 needs:
medical transport
grocery shopping/food bank - developed relationship with food bank to pick up food by proxy
prescription pickup
light housekeeping - vacuuming and dusting

Gave leadership training to the point people

The projects gets referral (these are hospital patients in Kathy's model)
meet with family, decide needs
establish level of comfort with people coming into home

they have 12 MDs in timebank

Center for Patient Partnerships at UW - about Dr. - patient relationships

Dr. Abby Letcher - Medical Director at their first federally qualified health center

72% of super-utilizers showed significant improvement

750 registered members, about 450 active

Kathy’s care teams - started with 5-mile radius
18 initial members
basically 4 people per team, plus backup

Leadership of care teams - seek responsible members and provide training and support.


How to proceed here in Madison:


  • Ryan - Fish Hatchery by Post Rd. Where is Mary’s mother?
  • East Madison off Fair Oaks - Kristin’s friend. Also explore Darbo neighborhood for interest
  • Sun Prairie - starting 2.26.15. in the Capacity Building Initiative

Other ideas for our care teams:

members to partner with nursing home residents
people to facilitate support groups for mental illness - and finding people to reach out
addiction issues
job development - job clubs(?)
— drivers will be more aware of neighborhood needs than most. interview or give easy opportunities to provide feedback
gaps in mental health system
need for space. car, room, togetherness
recruit a few people to occupy space/s weekly
caregivers circle
PTSD support


Ideas to supplement: It was noted that when one member drives another, that's when the deepest conversations seem to happen. Train drivers in timebank recruitment and coordination?