7.29.14 Leadership retreat Organization/umbrella mutual support meeting notes

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3 September 2014 - 5:01pm -- steph

7.29.14 Leadership retreat Organization/umbrella mutual support meeting notes

Participating: Stephanie Rearick, Chris Petit, Matthew Slater, Greg Bloom, Tim Dalton, Marie Goodwin, Martin Simon, Becky Booth, Edgar Cahn, Abby Greer, Eric Bachman, Chris Gray, Stacey Jacobsohn, Linda Hogan, Janelle Orsi - This is probably not a complete list because I'm constructing it from memory (SR)

Action Steps:

Write and circulate notes from this meeting and:

Ask each regional group to host a national coordinator call once per year, which we'll rotate through in order to have calls at regular intervals

National hosts would announce the call

Each region provides stories for blogs by nat'l ors

Nat'l creates template for easy sharing of stories

TBUSA interns help share stories in a variety of formats

Look to Spice and LV(?) for templates

Needs: Farm out work more effectively, facilitation

National level - form interdisciplinary alliances

Regions steward training info - the peer mentor/trainer information that's been collected, plus system for ongoing submissions

Nationals host the training info

Questions for each regional umbrella:

Are you interested in/willing to host a national call once per year?
Are some of you interested in exploring a model where regional umbrellas obtain 501©3 and provide fiscal agency to locals?
Are you interested in helping to collect and steward information about who's available for training and mentoring, and on what terms? (a questionnaire has already been created, vetted, and circulated in a limited way.)
Also - are you represented accurately in these notes, below? If not please correct, and also please let us know who we've overlooked.

Now for more meeting notes for more context:

Janelle Orsi's notes are here: https://docs.google.com/a/stephanierearick.com/document/d/1rhsFZiwE0R-ax...

Reasons for organizing:
Stewardship of common resources
Better funding and sustainability options
Collaborative resource development
Legal support
Issue-oriented learning and support
Continuity, long-term succession
Redundancy, backup, interoperability

Global timebanking

Why connect local organizations?
Go for group tax exemption
or contract with tax exempt org
Consistent standards
Must benefit local org: - can be done through system of contracts, or central org. can elect Board member to locals

A challenge: overseeing varied activities

3 Elements to Building Movements
    Relationship building
    Information democracy
    Global identity - quality mark

Items to consider:
    Relationship between non-profits and coops, etc
    Loose affiliations
    Core principles


How to take advantage of Economies of Scale:

Fiscal sponsorship
    a timebanking org can incubate local timebanks by providing:
        administrative services
        501(c )3 status, fiscal agency
        receive funds
        manage collective needs
A central organization can contract with locals to carry out specific projects

Challenges inherent in this: balancing autonomy and accountability

To create a better picture of what we have and what we could have, we mapped what we knew of various umbrella organizations and how they fit

The national and international groups represented:
Organization: Timebanking UK
Scope: UK
Organized as: Charitable trust
Focus areas: Education, training, outreach, legal, admin.
Currently: setting up regional organizations, holding quarterly meetings. 7 regions provide sharing, mentoring

Organization: Spice
Scope: UK
Organized as: Charitable corporation
Focus areas: Support host organizations to integrate time credits into their operations. Providing training, partnerships, lobbying

Organization: Timebanks USA
Scope: USA
Organized as: non-profit organization
Focus areas: Writing, branding, affiliate relationships with Community Weaver users, CW software, project prototypes, lobbying, outreach, system change, collaborative trainings (with locals)
Currently: working toward release of CW3.0, stewardship of timebanking toolkit

Organization: hOurworld
Scope: international, US + UK focus currently
Organized as: Worker cooperative
Focus areas: Free software, training (jointly with local timebanks), partnerships, data collection, sharing best practices
Currently: providing above, helping with stewardship of timebanking toolkit, development of inclusive timebanks map, development of APIs for inter-software communication

Organization: Main MAN (Mutual Aid Network)
Scope: international
Organized as: Multi-stakeholder coop
Focus areas: using co-production, mutual credit and savings/investment pools to create better resource flow to/between/within/among projects and organizations
Currently: developing working board, work groups and processes to test our methods and disseminate as appropriate

Orgs mentioned but not fleshed out: Community Forge, CES, Timebanking Australia, Qoin, Ameriqoin

The regional groups:
Organization: Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks
Scope: NE Ohio(?)
Organized as: One big timebank with hubs. Each hub has a board, trained by Alliance. Hub leaders have contracts and serve on the alliance board
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring, admin and funding

Organization: TimeBanks of Puget Sound (TOPS)
Scope: Washington state
Organized as: One umbrella TimeBank
Focus areas: Shared admin and funding, education and training

Organization: Tampa Bay Alliance of TimeBanks
Scope: Florida
Organized as: Non-profit umbrella over 7 timebanks
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring

Organization: CA Federation of TimeBanks
Scope: CA
Organized as: Non-profit umbrella over lots of individual timebanks
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring, resources

Organization: MidAtlantic Alliance of TimeBanks
Scope: MidAtlantic region
Organized as: Facebook group
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring, communication

Organization: Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks
Scope: Michigan
Organized as: informal alliance?
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring, communication

Organization: New HOPE Time Exchange
Scope: Rhode Island, CT, ?
Organized as: 1 timebank with hubs
Focus areas: Education, training, mentoring, communication

Organization: New South Wales
Scope: New South Wales
Organized as: 50 local timebanks in one community forge instance
Focus areas: ?

Organization: Onion River time exchange
Scope: Central Vermont
Organized as: 1 timebank with hubs
Focus areas: Mentorship