Notes from Builder’s Workshop #20 – Mutual Aid in Madison and Beyond – 1.28.15

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Notes from Builder’s Workshop #20 – Mutual Aid in Madison and Beyond – 1.28.15 Attendees: Stephanie Rearick (DCTB/MAN) Bernice Armould, James Wells, Clint Campeau, Lauren Beriont (Sustain Dane), Jeanie Verschay, Ananda Mirilli, Kristin Forde (Center for Families), Mike S. Goodman, Nina Catteral (Edgewood), Melinda Dresexl (Dryhootch), Judy Skog (Madison 350 and Permaculture Guild), Jim Lorman (Edgewood), Steve Gilchrist (Edgewood), Bruce Moffat (DCTB/MAN), Chris Wells, Jackie Austin, Chris Petit (Mutual Aid Networks), Brian Condon (Edgewood), Rebecca Kemble (Union Cab/MadWorC), Laura Hiebins (UW Madison), Andy Heidt (Bayview Foundation), Gavin Eagan (Edgewood), Georgia Skoirchet (DCTB), Kristin Sage (DCTB), Lorrie Hurckes (DCTB), Greg Rossetti, Adeyemi Balogun, Lauren Beriont (Sustain Dane), Erin McWalter (The Hops Museum), LeeAnn Glover (Edgewood Sustainability), Anthony Cooper, Bill Bright, Ray Bish, Ryan Haney, Kelty Caren (Edgewood & Dane Arts), Grant Abert (Kailo Fund) Timebanking overview Youth Court overview

  • Prosocial benefits

 Health and Wellness Project overview (Kristen Sage) Transportation

  • Started with for rural kidney dialysis transportation and due to success broadening to medical transportation for outpatient surgery

Sun Prairie: Capacity Building Inclusive Community Initiative

  • FEED Kitchen
  • Darbo Neighborhood Center

Southwest Madison: Brighter Futures Restorative Justice InitiativeEarly Intervention Program Restorative Justice InitiativeAllied Community Coop (Food Security)

  • Buying club and transportation of people to grocery stores
  • Move to having a coop grocery and pharmacy

Adult Restorative Court

  • May be able to partner with Veteran Court with D.A. – sentence Vets to appropriate treatment programs

Homelessness Transportation InitiativeHomelessness Restorative CourtState Street Team Initiative100 StateFront Yard Garden Initiative Neighbor-to-neighbor care teams Moving more granular

  • Geographic clusters
  • Decentralized coordination
  • Leadership and capacity building

 Centered around:

  • Restorative Justice
  • Transportation
  • Health and Wellness

 Mutual Aid Network overview   Suggested connections with:

  • River Food Pantry
  • Community Tool Library
  • Long-term care institution
  • Student Debt Forgiveness – Wellness Weavers – Community Service Learning Hubs
  • Social Justice Restoration
  • Tiny Homes
  • Food is Free Madison
  • Boys and Girls’ Club
  • Wingra Park Orchard
  • Underutilized green space being transitioned from city ownership into a community garden
  • Fish Hatchery for a possible site for a low-income community garden
  • Native American students needing tutors
  • Native American Center for Health Proessions (NACHP)
  • Sustain Dane
  • Dane Arts
  • Community Action Hub for Center for Families
  • Permaculture Guild
  • Commercial Kitchens with CDA
  • Refugee Population –Bayview Foundation
  • School Suspension Support Network
  • Advocacy for CDA Housing
  • Dane Cooperative Alliance
  • Summit Credit Union