Mutual Aid Network Meeting Notes 2-24-15 Social Justice Center

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26 February 2015 - 3:02pm -- steph

Mutual Aid Network Meeting Notes 2-24-15 Social Justice Center

Stephanie Rearick DCTB - convenor - ready to test MAN idea to create an economy that works for people

possibilities include new cooperative infrastructure


Bruce Moffat - DCTB consulting , WCF -

Kelly Perlow - Bethlehem PA, retired from Community Exchange timebank

Petra Ressler- - VCC in Madison,

Gary Messinger- - DCTB

Chris Petit- - MANs Oak Park

Cristina Lor -

James Wells- - Dry Hootch

Melinda Draysen - Dry Hootch - peer mentoring for vets & social support & transportation

Max Puchalski- - Midwest Story Lab - artist

Simone Doing- - artist - Art & Wellness - Midwest story lab

Jon Hain- - Madison Hours - & DCTB - shared savings bank ideas

Jeffrey Lewis- - Black Male Collaborative - cooperative economy

Lorrie Hurckes - DCTC & youth court program

Jackie Austin - works at Madison Area Urban Ministry - prison issues - worked with cooperatives, concerned with state of society, interested in issues around people aging in prison

Roy Schenk- 255-4028 - Moses & MadWorC -

Elaine Glowaki - CORE – building a network, feminist co-working community, networking and capacity building

Steve Vig- - MCC - cooperative housing - 200 members who may be interested in action

Mary Girard- - on Board of DCTB - also with CORE - interested in resurrecting a cooperative spirit among local non-profits

Luciano Matheron- - WYOU & on board of SJC

Rick Fairchild - - SJC -

Barry - member of Allied Community, task force, neighborhood assoc. -

Becky Bedsole -

Kristin Sage -

Andrew Hansen -

People are coming from all over the world to consult with local people to help setup base infrastructures.


Why? - build cooperation amoung community groups rather than competing with each other.

MAN is incorporated as a cooperative (193 coop)


Better transportation

better access to health services

better access to food - csa surplus or drop spot

"Art of Hosting" - system to help people navigate the "chaos"



SJC? -

could we shift around how people work in the building?


CSA distributive point? Freezers?

Demonstration Garden?

Reconsider the use of the incubator space -


Energy - conservation & solar


MAN built around SJC for Marquette Neigh. partnering with MANS in Darbo and Allied neighborhoods


Mary G: how to get consulting expertise to organizations that can't afford it. - often missions are driven or constricted by sources of funding.


Can feed the pool through dues - could make appeals to credit unions, cooperative development funds,


Also has an idea for a real, storefront co-working space like in Suite 1 -


Expanding SJC as a space for a laboratory for building new organizational models.


MCC could possibly offer space to stay for visiting consultants.



Idea is to create many entry points for people to test getting involved in any level they're comfortable with.


Focus on what people are motivated to do.


Dry Hootch - could people come in and see what they do and see what their needs are


Melinda - how can we help veterans through this model?


Max & Simone are interested in the art angle - art making, etc

Cristina - interested in linking in refugee and immigrant communities

Jeffrey - how to connect economically exploited or excluded communities - also connecting with their own history in mutual aid societies in Black community


Jon - excited about savings, freeing people from banks,


Lorrie - interested in making SJC more accessible to community


Jackie - Survival focus - starting point has to be small on individual level - "personal asset-liability map"? (budgeting) trying to write articles to introduce timebanking and MAP concepts - particularly survival of returning inmates


Roy -


Steve - index of resources available

Having experts for training - for groups vs individually

Shared information on cooperative work available - job networking in "alternative" work



Mary: CORE is trying to build a grant pool to fund organizations they support -


Luciano - trying to figure out how to link in WYOU - at survival level now as an org.


WYOU has media skills and equip, but has the problem of funding their work as an org.


Connect to neighborhood organizations. - split meetings into alternating organizational meetings vs. smaller work-group meetings.


Kathy - they had a non-profit awareness event at a mall - to promote non-profit support


(SR addition to the notes)

Next Steps: Share notes and contact information with participants, schedule a meeting for a month from now.

In the interim, Rick F. will work on filling out budget template that includes timebanking and other non-monetary tools.

Stephanie R. will work with SJC Board to understand parameters and how to proceed.