MAN Design Team Meeting Notes 7.25.14.

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27 July 2014 - 7:53pm -- steph

Participants: Stephanie Rearick, Chris Petit, Morris Sadicario, and Kristin Sage in Madison, and joined by Tom Greco (mutual credit thinker/author/guru), Scott Morris (Ithacash leader), and a crew from the Lansing TimeBank MAN pilot site, Edge Brussel, Scott Murto and Krista.

We touched on some new developments, including the idea of holding a longer-duration online summit in order to give enough comprehensive background on and understanding of the project; the Advisory Board members who have confirmed, and strong new pilot site candidates. We identified a communications work group, which includes most of the meeting's participants. We recognized that we'll need to delineate between internal and external communications.

We discussed who should be represented on our Working Board. We decided it should include a representative from each pilot site, plus members with strong background in legal, financial, currency software, business networking, and organizational development areas. We also decided that the Working Board would meet every two weeks, preferably in the evening,  until we no longer feel a need to meet that often.

Tom Greco suggested connecting with Jenny Kassan of Cutting Edge Capital. Scott Morris suggested connecting with John Voigt of The Principled Society Project.

Next steps are: Lansing group will wordsmith core values. I will gather a larger group meeting for sometime during or after the week of August 17.