Notes from 2.6.14 Allied Coop/PowerTime II meeting - we're moving forward!

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10 February 2014 - 5:00pm -- steph

Allied Community Coop meeting 2/6/14

Intros: Charolette Ericson– ECI, Ula Newcomb, Ann Reynolds, Selena Pettigrew, Gary Messinger, Kristin Sage, Minnie Rogers, Sina Davis, Lorrie Hurckes, Stephanie Rearick, Deacon Tony Williams, WillieMae Conklin, Timothy Collins, Steve Steinhoff, Donna, Janie Tomkins, Mary Girard, Cashay



Powertime overview – People are in training now for doing door to door outreach and energy savings education. About 10-12 attended the first training, about 4 attended the second training. Annette Miller from MGE is doing the trainings. Steph wants people to go door to door, doing outreach and inviting them to join the timebank. Also asking them if they want to sign up for energy consultation. Una wants to do outreach for the spanish speaking community. Una speaks spanish and is willing to help. Una wrote up an outreach document that includes tips for energy savings.


Coop overview: Started as an idea with allied wellness center. Lots of turnover in the neighborhood, so not much happened for awhile. W Virginia timebank video assembling and installing solar system then investing savings in sustainability of program. ACC wants to build job skills for residents. Powertime revived. Possible weatherization in the future, partnerships with other orgs (project home). Solar power is a goal-providing job skills, apprenticeship opps, economic opportunities. 2 neighborhood landlords used to own a solar business. Collaborate with them. ACC made a video on the energy project to use for outreach.


Goals for Allied Community Coop:

  1. Lots of activities and ways to contribute

  2. Employability

  3. Less need for full time employment – how to get resources you need with working less hours

  4. Solar panels on all appropriate surfaces

  5. Skill building

  6. Leadership Development

  7. Greater that than the sum of its parts

  8. Latino and youth inclusion

  9. Allied as a model



2 year federal EPA grant. Environmental Justice grant. Build the wealth in the neighborhood in a variety of ways, centered around energy. Surrounding coop activities could be sewing lessons to make under the door snakes to prevent drafts. Could sell for money, TimeBank hrs. In Boston doing stuff with kids to build skills – soil testing.


Mutual Aid societies – people pooling their money that is used to cover people's expenses as needed.

Example: Powertime participation – track savings – give ½ of savings into Coop pool – community has access to it. Get landlords involved. Hopefully pool can pay people money for work they do.


County – wheel chair accessible van – community savings pool used to pay expenses for the van – community members have access to the van. Lots of interest in this idea from people at the meeting.  Toyota may be a resource for a vehicle. (Charlotte)

Need people to work out the details. Important for residents to take charge of direction. Tony Williams is offering a 14 passenger van for people to use now. Small meeting to set up details of using van. Tony, Steph, Sina, Selena.


Structure connecting timebanking, cooperative savings, budget assistance to help find out what resources you need and whether you can get them with/without money – Mutual Aid Network


Assets & Needs:

  • Boston Soil Testing Coop

  • Atlanta – food pantry project/pantry runs

  • Wales – youth project – have to earn tb hours then go on an outing

  • West VA Solar Coop

  • Tony's van – 14 passenger van


Necessary for success:

  1. regular presence in the neighborhood. Weekly regular hours

  2. space – visible and accessible – jeff meyers may have vacancies

  3. money to pay people to steward the project



Unanimous vote to make the coop. Vote to make a Mutual Aid Network/community savings pool.


Schedule: timebank staff weekly, need residents

COOP staffing, Thurs 2-6 – may be two groups doing shifts – slots for once/month. Sign up sheet. Call others to fill in if you can't make it.


Next Steps:


Connect to Summit or local credit union


meet in 2 weeks, 2/20 , 2-4.

Jaine, tim, ula, tony, williemae, minnie – interested in setting up coop


4 week mtg 3/6 – planning our activities