Notes from Allied Coop Town Hall meeting on Food Access 1.17.15

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19 January 2015 - 2:10pm -- steph

Present: Cassandra Sonko, facilitating; Kirsten Moore, Stephanie Rearick, Gloria Menadier Farr, Alice Howard, Diana Shinall, Andrea, Karl Hauth (Green Cab), Dorothy Krause, Laverne Buchanan (Divine Orders Catering), Maurice Cheeks, Selena Pettigrew, Barry Hayes, Marcus Nickel, Donna Waller

Board officers:
Cassandra, President
Alice, Vice President
Janie, Secretary
Stephanie, Treasurer

Pharmacy updates - Walgreen’s automatically transferred prescriptions to Whitney Way; Exact Care didn’t get license for Medicaid reimbursement. Hometown Pharmacy

5 Focus groups updates:

Transportation - Cassandra will organize next meeting.  obtaining funding for cab subsidies - administered through JFF, Aaron Perry with 2 buses for taking shopping, Tony Williams’ van needs a pool of drivers and the TimeBank can help organize, BGC with vans, Diana’s suggestion - make sure residents know the full cost of transportation

Outreach - Gloria and Andrea will organize next meeting. working on getting surveys out to the community. Started going out with a team of 7 people. Got over 100 names, about 40 surveys back. Covered the little box between Allied, Thurston, Red Arrow. Some on Carling, Chalet Gardens. Individuals have been donating their vans. Latino students to help
*how to manage the information - create new spreadsheet, Gloria makes copies, Selena sets up and enters data into a Google spreadsheet

Food - Kirsten will organize next meeting. buying club, shopping club, Divine Orders Catering - location on Midvale Corners by Dorn and Mexican grocery. Would contribute 2 of those spaces toward this effort, could deliver the groceries. Can do it long- or short-term. If they had the funding they could be stocked in 1-2 days. to stock store, hire staff, make grocery orders, working on accepting EBT. Explore options for cooperation between ACC and Divine Catering.

Fundraising/Resource Development - Stephanie will organize next meeting. Alice and Barry will join. WSGC CRF application due soon, capped at $4K.  Ask

Advocacy - Alice will organize next meeting. we will attend the Tue 1.20 city council meeting to speak in favor of the $315K resolution in support of food in the neighborhood. Would provide $15K in emergency transportation funding. If they accept the staff report, then at a future meeting they’ll approve an rfp process for the $300K. Press conference for future.

Next steps: Each focus group will meet before our next Town Hall, some on very short timeline (esp outreach, food and transportation)
Testify Tuesday
Board meeting first Thur each month 2-4
Town Hall meeting third Sat each month 12-1:30

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